Honored to Make the List: 27 American, Iraq and Afghanistan War Poets

Thank you to Peter Molin for including myself and my poem “While Daddy’s at Training, Our Daughter Asks Questions” among all these amazing war poets and their poems. https://acolytesofwar.com/2017/04/12/22-american-iraq-and-afghanistan-war-poets/ And, be sure to peruse the rest of Peter Molin’s blob, Time Now: The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars in Art, Films, and Literature.

Kathleen M. Rodgers reviews ‘Permanent Change of Station’

Thank you to novelist Kathleen M. Rodgers for her kind review of my second poetry collection, Permanent Change of Station (Middle West Press, 2018). Kathleen M. Rodgers is the author of The Final Salute (Deer Hawk Publications, 2014), Johnnie Come Lately (Camel Press, 2015) and Seven Wings to Glory (Camel Press, 2016). https://kathleenmrodgers.com/f/poet-lisa-stice-captures-military-spouse-life-in-new-collection

Kersten Christianson reviews ‘Permanent Change of Station’ on The Poetry Shed

Much gratitude to poet Kersten Christianson for her kind review of Permanent Change of Station, and much gratitude to The Poetry Shed for publishing the review. https://abegailmorley.wordpress.com/2018/09/19/creative-energy-from-the-homefront-a-review-of-permanent-change-of-station-by-kersten-christianson/

8 Poems issue 1.3

I send my gratitude to the editors of 8 Poems for publishing my poem “Somatic Growth” in issue 1.3. As the name of the journal indicates, only 8 poems are selected for each monthly issue. Check out the submission guidelines here.

The Sea Letter #3

I’m thrilled that my poem “Buttons Round and Sound and Pretty” has found such a beautiful home in issue 3 of The Sea Letter. The Sea Letter is a seasonal print journal of poetry, prose and art. Follow The Sea Letter‘s website and social media accounts for postings from the journal.

The Blue Nib issue 34

A couple months ago, India-based poet Jayant Kashyap invited me to write in collaboration. We live more than 8,000 miles apart and so collaborate through email. Since that initial poem, we have composed several more together, and I’m happy to share that The Blue Nib published four of our poems. Thank you to the editors! Currently, The … More The Blue Nib issue 34