Publications and Awards


Uniform published by Aldrich Press (an imprint of Kelsay Books)  – June 2016. You can also visit my Goodreads author profile here.


“I Couldn’t Keep You Either” Celestial Musings: Poems Inspired by the Night Sky benefiting the Charles W. Brown Planetarium at Ball State University in Indiana (forthcoming with Poetry Contests for a Cause , spring 2018)

“Wine Fest” Beer, Wine, & Spirits Anthology (forthcoming with World Enough Writers, winter 2018)

“Dear Wadih Sa’adeh” (selected as an honorable mention in the Poetry category) Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors volume 6 (Southeast Missouri State University Press)

“Between Trainings and Deployments” Beyond the Hill benefiting SSAFA and the Fallen Heroes Fund (Lost Tower Publications) – “Between Trainings and Deployments” first appeared my poetry collection Uniform (Aldrich Press, 2016)

“Explaining the Summer Solstice to a Nearly Four-Year-Old” Peeking Cat Anthology 2017 (Peeking Cat Poetry, 2017)

“The Yellow House,” “Wheatfield with Crows,” “Girl in White,” “The Potato Eaters,” “The Red Vineyard,” “Night Café,” Irises,” “At Eternity’s Gate,” “Tree Roots,” and “Wheat Field with a Lark” Resurrection of a Sunflower a Vincent van Gogh inspired anthology (Pski’s Porch, 2017)

“This Weary Fate” Along the Shore: Poems of the sea (Lost Tower Publications, 2017)

“This Is the Way” Luminous Echoes: A Poetry Anthology benefiting the Pieta House (Into the Void Magazine, 2017)

“Puppy Dog Tails” Paw Prints in Verse: Poems about Pets benefiting Ernie’s Heart Pet Food Pantry in Anderson, Indiana (Poetry Contests for a Cause, 2017)

“At the Atomic Museum” Nuclear Impact: Broken Atoms in Our Hands benefiting the Downtown Women’s Shelter in Los Angeles (Shabda Press, 2017) – available through the Shabda Press website, Barnes & Noble and Amazon.


“Tea with Sun Tzu” Sierra Nevada Review volume 29 May 2018 (forthcoming)

“Yesterday Is Extinct” Artemis Journal May 2018 (forthcoming)

“Accordion Practice” 3Elements Review issue 18 spring 2018 (forthcoming)

“Counting the Casualties” As You Were vol 8 spring/summer 2018 (forthcoming)

“Canis Major” Inklette issue 6 spring 2018 (forthcoming)

“Seamus Heaney’s To-Do List” Sheila-Na-Gig volume 2.3 spring 2018 (online)

“Norwich Terrier Explains How to Dig a Hole” Happy2 Pure Slush volume 15 (print)

“Headstrong,” “Daughter,” “Homes Will Be Stripped Bare,” and “The Book Closes” The Wrath-Bearing Tree January 2018 (online)

“After a Landslide” Allegro Poetry Magazine issue 15 December 2017 (online)

“Blue” The Ekphrastic Review November 30, 2017 (online)

“Spaceship Pretend” Minetta Review Fall 2017 issue (print and online)

“Dear Judith Wright” Collateral vol 2, issue 1 autumn 2017 (online)

“Dear Homer” As You Were vol 7 fall/winter 2017 (online)

“Dear Randall Jarrell,” “Dear Henry Reed,” “It Is Cold this Hour,” and “In a Pumpkin Shell” The Deadly Writers Patrol issue 13 fall 2017 (print)

“Ritual Hunts” and “After” Gravel November 2017 (online)

“The Gap in the Wall” and “A Lost Ship” The Wild Word issue 21: HAUNTED October 2017 (online)

“Dependants” 1932 Quarterly summer 2017 (print and online1932 Quarterly)

untitled haiku Zoomoozophone Review issue 15 October 2017 (online)

“A Funeral for Our Own” and “Happy Birthday, Joan Baez” The Song Is… September 10, 2017 (online) – “A Funeral for Our Own” was originally printing in my poetry collection Uniform (Aldrich Press, 2016)

“These Books Bide on Oaks Shelves” The Reader’s Handbook September 9, 2017 (online)

“Ode to the Rotary Phone” Chantwood Magazine issue 10 September 2017 (Kindle)

“The Dog Days of Summer,” “Anoles” and “How It Is” The Wild Word issue 19: The Long Days of Summer summer 2017 (online)

“Alternative Comedy,” “At Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah,” “Cecilia and the Weasel,” and “Brigid Brings the Spring” Anti-Heroin Chic August 4, 2017 (online)

“Dear Vera Brittain” and “Dear Wislawa Szymborska” The Tishman Review volume 3, issue 3 summer 2017 (print, Kindle, online)

“Dear Emily Dickinson” and “Dear Cho Chi-hun” Poems-For-All #1636 and #1637 mini-books (forthcoming) – “Dear Emily Dickinson” was first published in Moledro Magazine issue

“If You Haven’t Any Daughters” The Rise Up Review July 2017 (online)

“Dear Ciaran Carson” A New Ulster issue 58 July 2017 (print and online)

“Zelda,” “Downpour,” and “Rare and Used” Moledro Magazine issue 6 June 2017 (online)

“Such Is the Art of Warfare,” “The Dog Dreams” and “The Box Maze Swallows a Birthday” SHANTIH Journal vol 2, issue 1 spring 2017 (online)

“You Are Lines and I Am Space,” “This Morning,” “For the Long-Ride,” “Those Who Live in Glass Houses,” and “When my Grandpa Became Dust” Escapism Literary Magazine issue 2 summer 2017 (online)

“Nature” NatureWriting June 10, 2017 (online)

“Before I Knew You” Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine issue 26 June 2017 (digital and print)

“Blue Girl” Sheila-Na-Gig online vol 1, issue 3 spring 2017 (online)

“When Marrying the Corps” Poetry Leaves: Waterford Township Public Library May 2-31, 2017 (art installation)

“Man with Unhealthy Complexion Listening to the Sound of the Sea” The Woven Tale Press vol 5, issue 3 spring 2017 (print and online)

“Dear Elie Wiesel” Poetry Super Highway’s 19th annual Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) Poetry Issue April 2017 (online)

“Going Medieval” Allegro Poetry Magazine issue 12 March 2017 (online)

“Changes Can Occur” o-Dark-Thirty: The Review vol 5, issue 2 winter 2017 (online, print)

“This Is the Year,” “The Other Bird Flew After,” “Dear Federico Garcia Lorca,” and “Dear Kathleen Flenniken” The Galway Review January 4, 2017 (online)

“We Were Not Here” Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine issue 21 January 2017 (print and digital)

“When Your Substance Is Drained Away,” “Afternoon One Day When You Were Young” and “Reduction” The Magnolia Review vol 3, issue 1 January 2017 (online)

“Dear Edward Thomas,” “Dear Emily Dickinson” and “Dear Nazim Hikmet” Moledro Magazine issue 4 December 2016 (online)

“Walking Backwards” Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine issue 20 December 2016 (print and digital)

“leaves still hang on the tree” Ink in Thirds issue 8 December 2016 (print and digital)

“Changing to the Major’s Dress Blues” and “At Bedtime During Deployment” As You Were vol 5 November 2016 (online)

“PCS” and “Distance” Collateral issue 1 autumn 2016 (online)

“Learning to Speak” GFT Presents: One in Four vol 1, issue 2 October 2016 (print)

“Half-known War” and “Support” Deadly Writers Patrol issue 11 fall 2016 (print)

“The Need of War” The Irish Literary Review issue 8 autumn 2016 (online)

“Backyard Play” and “Because Everything Else Is Quite Unequal” Featured Poet on Poetry Super Highway October 3-9, 2016 (online)

“Our Nine Situations” Skylight 47 issue 7 September 2016 (print)

“Mary Beth’s Ticket to Ride” Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine issue 18 September 2016 (print and digital)

“that note lingered” Ink In Thirds issue 5 September 2016 (print and digital)

“Beach House Musing” Pure Slush summer issue vol 12 August 2016 (print and ebook)

“Winter Torpor” Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine issue 17 August 2016 (print and digital)

“On Such Little Things Happiness Depends” Inklette issue 3 August 2016 (online)

“Hush, do you hear that?” Haikuniverse August 6, 2016 (online)

“When in Difficult Country” Into the Void Magazine issue 1 July 2016 (print and digital)

“Widows Receive a Free Ticket to the Birthday Ball” and “A Funeral for Our Own” Poets and War July 2016 (online) – previously published in Uniform (Aldrich Press)

“The Night before Deployment” o-Dark-Thirty the Review vol 4, issue 3 July 2016 (print and online)

“Coachella Valley Girl” and “Painted Desert” tiny poetry: macropoetics issue 3 May 2016 (online)

“Defrosting” Split Rock Review issue 6 spring 2016 (online)

“View from My Kitchen Window” Fredericksburg Literary and Art Review volume 4, issue 1 spring 2016 (print and online)

“Road Runner” Forgotten April 2016 (online)

“Unconventional Warfare” Inklette issue 2 April 2016 (online)

“Is It for This” Random Sample Review February 2016 (online)

“Long Distance” Riding Light issue 7 winter 2016 (online, print and ebook)

Pushcart Prize nominated: “A Quick Lunch from the Noodle Stand” The Magnolia Review volume 2, issue 1 January 2016 (online)

“Young Liberace Exposed” 3Elements Review issue 9 January 2016 (online)

“Family Code” The Birds We Piled Loosely issue 6 January 2016 (online)

“Flying Out” Emerge Literary Journal issue 10 December 2015 (print)

“In Training” Inklette issue 1 November 2015 (online)

“Brides and Grooms” On the Rusk volume 6, issue 7 summer 2015 (online)

“They Don’t Let Us Believe” 300 Days of Sun volume 1, issue 2 spring 2015 (print)

“Waking Michael Houlihan” At the Site of Inside Out: Writing the Inner World spring 2015 (online)

“The Truth about the Flying Nun” 300 Days of Sun volume 1, issue 1 spring 2014 (print)


“On the Line: A Critique of Ciaran Carson’s The Irish for NoAt the Site of Inside Out: Writing the Inner World spring 2015 (online)


Origin Stories: Raquel Vasquez Gilliland’s Dirt and Honey” Military Spouse Book Review February 12, 2018

Thriving on the Unpredictable: Kersten Christianson’s Something Yet to Be Named” Military Spouse Book Review November 13, 2017

What’s Important is What Moves Us: Kazim Ali’s The Secret Room” Military Spouse Book Review May 7, 2017


The Magnolia Review writer interview by Suzanna Anderson

The Aiming Circle writer interview by Randy Brown (aka Charlie Sherpa) 24 October 2017

Military Spouse Fine Artists Network artist interview by Jessica Melville Goodin 24 October 2017

Les Femmes Folles: Women in Art writer interview by Sally Deskins 25 August 2017

Peeking Cat Poetry writer interview by editor Sam Rose 29 January 2017

Carpe Noctem book interview for Uniform by Nicole Rollender 10 August 2016

Into the Void Magazine author interview by Philip Elliott 5 August 2016


contributor: : “Homefront Journal” and book reviews The Military Spouse Book Review August 2016 – present

guest-blogger: “A Poet’s Inspiration: Place as Fluidity” The Woven Tale Press 20 April 201

guest vector: “Away from It all,” “Born Again,” “Time on Target,” and “A Walk in the Park” Broadsided Press October 2016


Northern Renaissance Arts & Science Summer Reading Series, 15 July 2015


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