I answer questions: Military Spouse Fine Artists Network

Thank you to Jessica Melville Goodin for interviewing me for the Military Spouse Fine Artists Network. Jessica is a military spouse, a choreographer, a web designer, and the founder of MilspoFAN. The Military Spouse Fine Artists Network provides a worldwide community for military spouse painters, sculptors, dancers, choreographers, writers, poets, actors, photographers, etc. If you … More I answer questions: Military Spouse Fine Artists Network

I answer 5 questions: The Aiming Circle

Thank you to Charlie Sherpa (aka Randy Brown, author of Welcome to FOB Haiku: War Poems from Inside the Wire) for interviewing me. You can read the interview on his new website, The Aiming Circle, a wonderful new resource for anyone (veteran, family member, friend, civilian with no military connection, etc.) who writes military-themed fiction, non-fiction, poetry, … More I answer 5 questions: The Aiming Circle

Poem on The Reader’s Handbook

Katie Lewington is a the author of several poetry chapbooks and the creator of The Reader’s Handbook. Through her blog, Katie shares reviews of books and chapbooks, offers writing prompts, shares her own poetry, and shares the poetry of others. I’m thankful for her for sharing my poem “These Books Bide on Oak Shelves.”

Chantwood Magazine issue 10

Thank you to Chantwood Magazine for publishing my poem “Ode to the Rotary Phone” in issue 10. Chantwood Magazine loves a great story: literary, sci-fi, romance, historical, speculative, and poetry. The issue are available through Kindle, either by subscription or by individual issue. Because they publish nearly every month, Chantwood is always open for submissions.

Les Femmes Folles – an interview

In response to underrepresentation of women in the arts in literature, Les Femmes Folles: Women in Art was founded in 2011 to provide support through blogs, publishing, interviews, and events. I’m thankful to Sally Deskins and the rest of the staff for interviewing me: http://femmesfollesnebraska.tumblr.com/post/164607049737/lisa-stice-poet.