Foliate Oak – December 2018 issue

Thank you to Foliate Oak Literary Magazine for including my poem “Seek ’til You Find It” in the December issue. Foliate Oak is an online literary journal of poetry, flash fiction, fiction, non-fiction, and art. Check out the guidelines if you’re interested in submitting.

6 thoughts on “Foliate Oak – December 2018 issue

      1. I love the IDEA of swimming in the ocean. Amy Liptrot also writes movingly about that in her memoir The Outrun, and it’s been a persistent idea for me ever since.

        But I’ve never been able to get past wading, or body-boarding at the margins. A long time ago, I jumped into the middle of the Santa Barbara Channel, largely because the other folks on the boat were making fun of me when I didn’t want to. I was terrified the whole time, and I’ve not repeated the experience. So I’m curious: how did you begin, or get used to, swimming in the ocean? Is it something you’ve always done, or were drawn to?

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      2. Growing up near the ocean definitely helped, I think, with me feeling comfortable in it. It wasn’t until I was 14, though, that I first swam in deep ocean water. I loved the feeling of floating above darkness, the weightlessness, the quiet. My daughter also loves the ocean. When she turned 3, she decided she wanted to surf (I don’t surf). So, she started taking ocean safety swimming lessons at 4 and started surf lessons at 5. It’s much easier starting at a young age. Fears of things unfamiliar seem to grow as we get older.

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