What I’m Reading – Poets in Conflict

For the last few months, I’ve been reading various poets who wrote/write in times of military conflict (Ciaran Carson, Wislawa Szymborska, Randall Jarrell, Randy Brown, Nazim Hikmet, and others). Some of them are poets who fought/fight in combat, some were/are spouses of those who fight, some spoke/speak out in active pacifism, some were/are civilians living in combat zones. All of this reading has inspired epistle poems dedicated to each poet (you can read some of these poems in issue 4 of Moledro Magazine and in The Galway Review). These epistles have become part of my third manuscript. In this third manuscript the epistle poems are paired with companion poems, which were either written initially without the epistle poet in mind but I saw a connection between my poem and that poet’s writing or were written directly after composing the epistle poem. I’m about halfway done, so I still have a lot of reading and writing ahead of me.


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