Inklette issue 3

How lucky am I to have a poem in each of Inklette Magazine’s first three issues? When I received that first acceptance for issue 1, I had published just a few poems, and Inklette was a fledgling journal. Since that first issue, I have published many more poems, graduated with my MFA, and published my first book. In Inklette, I had a great growing partner to motivate me along the way. The Inklette team has a contagious enthusiasm. They inspired me with their own publications, books, and their endeavors to impact the world. It excited me to see their Facebook following grow to over 3000, and I know it will continue to grow. Witnessing such drive and dedication pushes me to work harder to let my voice be heard and listen to others’ voices in the global conversation of literature and art.

Thank you, Inklette, for selecting “On Such Little Things Happiness Depends.”


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